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Holy Book or Hoax?

What is the Holy Bible, so exalted and maligned by people all over the world? Is it a divinely inspired holy book, a trustworthy record of history and guide for our lives? Is it a mashup of humanly concocted stories and lectures, designed to manipulate people into "good" behavior? Could it simply be a snapshot of some of the finest human wisdom and spiritual insight?

Anil Kanda, a true seeker of truth, is coming to Lodi to share what he's found so far. He's been a student of history and the Bible, and a follower of Jesus for many years, and is a very engaging and effective teacher, presenting seminars and lectures to people of all ages all over the United States and overseas.

This seminar examines the historical and archaeological evidence relating to the Bible, checking its prophetic claims with verifiable facts.

If you have wondered if this book could really be all that it claims, you will find fresh evidence to help you in your own quest for truth.

The seminar starts Saturday night, January 21, at 6:30 p.m., and continues through Saturday night, January 28, every night except Thursday night.

Healthy refreshments will be provided each night, and children will enjoy their own great program.