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Belize 2014
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March 27 --  Mission trips are one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences I know of. The past 12 days have been absolutely fantastic and the feedback I'm receiving from our mission team is that this is one of the best trips ever! I typically blog every day and post our experiences for everyone to share in but this year was different... 

So, for starters, I'd like to give a shout out to Tracie McCann for taking over with posting photos on my FB account for you all to see every day. Without her you wouldn't have much information on the trip so far. The photo-journalism/blogging dropped out of my job description this year when I had to take on the role of lead mason for the hospital building site.  John McCann headed up the Hills of Promise Elementary School building site with some capable amateur masons there but I was the only one at the hospital with even limited block laying experience and the 8.5 inch blocks at the hospital were so heavy that most of the kids couldn't manage lifting and laying them. So, instead of focusing on administration this trip I was sweating it out in the heat! But, I must say, it's extremely rewarding to see the physical progress at the end of the day.

For the most-part the photos speak for themselves. We had great building projects and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The elementary school told us it would have taken them 6 months to accomplish what John and his crew did in just 6 days. At the hospital, our willingness to come and build brought in lots of matching funds for that project that wouldn't have come in otherwise. The ophthalmology team of Julio Narvaez and Heidi Eisman restored sight to several blind people and improved vision for dozens of others. And of course the relationships our students built with the students at the Hills of Promise Elementary School will not be forgotten in this lifetime or the next. The Mayan ruins and local beauty were unforgettable as well--especially when we were able to have a baptism right in the middle of it all!

So, God has blessed us and those we have had the privilege of sharing with tremendously! I also thank God for the privilege of relaxing for a couple of days here in Caye Caulker at the end of our trip enjoying the amazing beauty God has created here off the coast of Belize. The sea is emerald and blue and the breezes are warm and sunny as the soreness and spasms deep in the muscles in my back from laying block are being replaced with the crunchy pain of sunburn on the surface of my back and shoulders... 

But it's allraht mon... We're takin it easy now... 

See you soon... Heading home tomorrow... I'll see if I can post some photos of the island flavor a little later today...


Celebration/Goodbye Belize -- Pictures

Work Day 6 --  Pictures

Excursion 3 --  Pictures

Work Day 5 --  Pictures

Excursion 2 -- Pictures 

Work Day 4 --



Work Day 3 -- 


March 23 -- We are alive and well! Sorry for not posting more but we are extremely busy! Check out the new photo albums... Everyone is having an amazing time!

Belize Excusion 1 --  The excursion to the Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala yesterday was amazing! Check out the photos and I'll try to tell you about it later tonight or tomorrow... I've got a block laying crew waiting on me right now...


Work Day 2 --  Work, work, work... It continues on and on... Not much time to blog... These photos below are from Tuesday... We are beyond that now and will post more tomorrow... Progress is good!


Work Day 1 -- Well, to be honest with you it is so busy down here I'm having a hard time finding time to blog! Yesterday all the jobs got up and started. Julio and his ophthalmology team got up and running and restored sight to a woman who hadn't been able to see in years because of cataracts and she just cried as she was able to see her family once again! Now, that reminds me--the miracle story I promised to tell you about yesterday...

The medical supplies came from various organizations that donate to mission projects and some came in quite last minute causing us to miss the two week advance notice that the country of Belize requires for bringing medicine into the country... So, when we were coming through customs in Belize they said we could not take our medical supplies with us. We started worrying, scrambling for ideas and praying... I went out to get the La Loma Luz administrator who was there to pick us up. He came in and started explaining the situation as everyone out on the bus started praying. As the conversation ensued the officials started softening as they realized we were there to do mission work, including restoring sight to the blind. Their first concession was to release all of our medical equipment but keep the medicines that they were going to charge duties on. Then as time went on instead of having to get letters from the ministry of finance and come back in a week for our medicine they decided to just charge us $30 and let us go! It was amazing to see the Spirit work, hearts soften and the Lord work His will. The chief of security that we were dealing with eventually brought in one of his workers so our doctors could examine his bad eye and we offered free surgery on Thursday to remove the growth that was blocking his vision. Praise God for His mercy and and keep us in your prayers! Today is a construction and surgery day again and tomorrow we will be off to the Mayan Ruins at Tikal in Guatemala...I'll blog again when I get the chance... Today I'm writing from the Hills of Promise Elementary school... They have wifi here...


March 18 --  Our first dinner at La Loma Luz Hospital on Sunday evening.


March 17 -- We made it to Belize! We were mistaken about the availablity of wifi and only have limited access to one hard-wired computer. So if you have someone with you on this trip your main contact will be me!

I'll tell the you miracle stories that have already happened a little later--need to get back to laying block right now...