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Family Life Ministries

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if by becoming a part of God's family, we automatically were ideal parents, children, spouses, or people? Reality is that life has left scars on each of us that complicate our relationships, perhaps keep us from even developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

"A little heaven on earth" is an idealistic description of what a Christian home would be. Is this possible, given the baggage each of us brings with us from our past?

Family Life Ministries attempts to assist our members in moving toward a heaven on earth. Sometimes it takes an extended program of healing to bring health and peace. Family Life Ministries goes beyond the walls of a church building, bringing support, love, empathy and education to its members.

Family Life Ministries cares about families, strengthens marriages, educates parents, encircles singles and prepares lovers for lifetime commitment.

Just as the Good News brings hope, healing and restoration to a sinner, Family Life Ministries brings hope that broken relationships and differences can be addressed, healing of the trauma and abuse of dysfunctional families and relationships, forgiveness and restoration to individuals and relationships.

Family Life Ministries' ultimate goal, that "pie in the sky" ideal for which we reach, is restoring and nurturing each member of our congregation to Godlikeness, showing people outside our church family what the love and forgiveness of God can do to make a person whole.

Events will be planned throughout the year. Watch the  Calendar  or call the Church Office at (209) 369-1021 for additional information. We are also willing to provide one-on-one sessions to help you or your friends process the challenges of life.