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Greece Mission Trip 2013
March 17-28

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Final Work Day in Greece!
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspThis is it! The cabins are finished--except for being a few bundles of shingles short (that will only take a couple hours when they get more). The mural is getting its finishing touches, the basketball court is getting the chain-link fastened on and the painters are down to painting each other! Just a couple more hours and this work project will be history!
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspThe locals are so excited to have a renovated camp--they can hardly believe it! Half of the old tent style cabins have been replaced with new log-style cabins and if you would like to give a gift of $5,000.00 they could build another one after we are gone and give it a plaque with your name on it! We have taken the money we had as far as we could--they'll do more when they can afford it.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspTonight we rest and then we'll spend a couple of days seeing some more of the sights before heading back home on Thursday. We'll see you soon!