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Goodness Beyond Comprehension
Devotional for Wednesday, April 25 2018 - « Previous
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I am convinced that an essential element to the grief process is a proper understanding of the character of God. It is difficult enough when our understanding of God's character is healthy; but when we have a distorted picture of God, we can be in deep trouble.

God is loving, kind, long-suffering, merciful, gentle, good, and intimately concerned with the details of your life. He is infinitely bigger than we could ever dream possible, so we are unable to understand everything He does. Our failure to comprehend God does not mean He is bad. It means His goodness is beyond our comprehension.

Holding a correct image of God enables us to endure the vicissitudes of life as we await His return. It helps us to endure the unendurable. I believe my grief has been made a bit lighter due to this accurate picture of God and His character. It allows me to recognize and accept gifts of comfort that God sends me.

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