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Can You Picture It?
Devotional for Tuesday, April 24 2018 - « Previous | Today
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Stories are a safe way to speak. Jesus used His stories to impress God's truths upon the hearts of His listeners, which often were counter to the teachings of the day. He used stories to say difficult things that his listeners were not ready to hear at the moment or might have found offensive if spoken outright.

Jesus' stories were based on familiar, everyday occurrences. His listeners pictured the story as it was being told through their imaginations or as they watched the story unfolding around them--the original PowerPoint presentations!

God's Word is an endless field of stories open to the imagination. These accounts provide Him with an opportunity to speak to your life issues. As you spend time reading and reflecting on biblical subjects, as you use biblical stories to develop a growing relationship with God, you will experience a heart transformation.

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