Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Lodi English Oaks Adventist Church

Phase 2 Church Remodeling Pictures
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Ground Breaking

Construction Begins

Laying Sewer and Water Pipes

Pouring Cement

The Building of the Walls

The Walls Go UP!

Arrival of the Trusses!

Work Continues on the Roof

Framing and Electrical continues

Things are taking shape as the framing, plumbing and heat/air go in!

Taking on a more finished look!

Cutting the door way for the Storage room

Cutting door way for the kitchen
Storage Room

Preparation for remodeling of offices. 
Janis' new office in the SS/PM department

Empty offices

Empty library

Storage in Young Adult Classroom

Demolition of the kitchen

Taring the Roof

Demolition of Restrooms

New garbage enclosure taking shape
Finishing the firewall

Metal studs for Church offices

New windows and doors for Fellowship Hall entrance

New kitchen cabinets and tile goes in!

New library book cases being put in.

Preparation for laying the gas line to new kitchen.

Library is almost ready!
 and Offices receiving carpet

Restrooms being tiled.

Side walks and entry way being poured

Kitchen equipment begins to arrive!

Stainless Steel countertops appear!

Remodeled restrooms are tiled with new sinks.

Landscaping goes in!

New carpet goes in Fellowship Hall (8/24)

Women's restroom

New room dividers go in Fellowship Hall

All stoves and ovens installed.

The roof tile is finished and the railings on in.

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