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Greece Mission Trip 2013
March 17-28

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Sabbath in Greece
Today we took the bus into Athens--into the inner city--for church. The Athens church is in an area that reminds me of the Tenderloin area in San Francisco. The church has been there for many decades and the area has become the place where homeless drug addicts live. After church each Sabbath the members run a program for feeding the homeless.  It's a great place for outreach ministries.  
It was exciting for us to join our Adventist brothers and sisters in singing familiar hymns, listening to our young people sing special music and hear our own Pastor Brent preach. We were then treated to a wonderful potluck featuring Greek dishes, Filipino noodles and Borscht! It was quite an eclectic feast! 
After walking around Athens to see some ruins and the first modern Olympic Stadium (1940s arena where Jesse Owens reigned) we boarded the bus for the temple of Poseidon. Wow--what a view and beautiful sunset. We stayed there at the restaurant next to the temple for supper and fellowship and then a late-night bus-ride back to camp. Tomorrow is another work day--lots to get done!