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Greece Mission Trip 2013
March 17-28

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Sunday: Day Four on the Job!
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspThe fencing crew is continuing to move forward! Posts are going in, leveling up and we will hopefully be ready to stretch wire tomorrow. The mural is really taking shape and looking like the landscape around us and the cabins continue to progress as more floors go down and exterior walls get varnished. Tomorrow will be roofing day and that should finish them off.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspThe most exciting thing today is that we had a visit from some of the church members we met yesterday in Athens. They helped us scrape the old cabin bases in preparation for paint and do some landscaping as well. Then the kids got to spend some time in the afternoon socializing with our new friends over lunch and a vigorous game of soccer! Making new friends is always one of the highlights of our trips abroad. Our new friends said they will be back tomorrow to help us with the finishing touches on our last day.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspPlease pray for our safety and energy as we near the end of the work projects here in Greece. We are ahead of schedule and feeling good about all we've been able to accomplish by the grace of God!