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Greece Mission Trip 2013
March 17-28

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Day Two on the Job
Today is turning out to be another very productive work day! The cabin roofs are going on and our team members staying in the old tent style cabins will be able to move into warmer and quieter accommodations soon--that will make them very happy! The noise of the plastic wrapping around the old tents blowing in the wind and the cooler temperatures at night have made it difficult for a few to sleep (along with the jet-lag). But that's why we are here--to improve the camp for everyone who comes here after us.
The painting crew finished the bath-house yesterday so the mural crew was able to get started on the "welcome" mural today. The goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring entrance for all future guests.
The basketball court fence crew was at a stand-still today while we wait for a machine to drill holes for the new galvanized posts for the chain-link fence. So, for today, the fence crew is helping haul out the rubble from the destruction of the old cabin block bases.
I continue to be amazed at how hard-working this group is and the cooks are keeping us happy with great food! Tomorrow it's time for a break from the heavy labor as we take a little day cruise around three area islands: Hydra, Poros, and Aegina... Tomorrow's blog may be a little later in the day!