Covid safety procedure

Members and Friends
English Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church

On June 15, the State of California removed COVID restrictions and is currently following CDC guidelines on mask wearing. Our Northern California Conference has interpreted how this action applies to local church congregations. The following is applicable to our English Oaks Church:
·       The Church will post current CDC mask wearing guidelines.
·       Members and visitors will not be asked to share their vaccination status.
·       The Church will no longer do health screenings or take temperatures.
·       There are now no reduced restrictions on room capacity as well as physical distancing limitations.
·       The use of additional cleaning methods are no longer required.
·       Drinking fountains and restrooms will be available for full usage.
·       If there are no local health department restrictions, potlucks, food service, and communion may resume.
English Oaks Church will make every effort to continue to provide a safe environment for gathering and worship. The Church asks your kindness and grace toward one another.
If you see someone wearing a mask, do not assume that they have NOT been vaccinated, and if you see someone not wearing a mask, do not assume that they HAVE been vaccinated.
For those who are NOT vaccinated, the Church asks that you act on the “honor system,” to assist in creating a safe environment and strongly recommend that you continue to wear a mask. Remember that there are some people attending English Oaks who, for medical reasons or because of age limitations, cannot be vaccinated.
Thank you for all you have done to help provide a safe community during these difficult months of COVID.
Church Leadership